Before attending an interview

Be prepared
Learn as much as possible about the company.  Visit its Web site, search periodicals for articles about the company, etc. Be prepared to answer questions about what you know about the company.

Do whatever it takes to arrive a few minutes early. If necessary, drive to the company the night before and time yourself. Allow extra time for traffic, parking and slow elevators.

Dress appropriately
Wear proper attire may vary depending on the position for which you are applying, business suits, dress shirts, ties, etc., are the norm for a first interview.

Clean hair and fingernails are essential. Hair should be styled conservatively. Avoid excessive make-up, jewelry or cologne.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your interview.
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During the interview

A firm handshake is appropriate and projects confidence. Make eye contact when you shake. Make a good first Impression.

Body language
Send the right message by standing straight, moving confidently, and sitting slightly forward in your chair.

Listening skills
Listen carefully and ask questions to probe deeper into what the interviewer is telling you.

Communication skills
Good grammar and articulate speech are essential. If this is an area where you're weak, work on it.

Essential area not to say
Don't complain about your previous employer or co-workers, even if prodded by the interviewer.

Area of selling yourself
Mention good points about yourself such as your strengths, resourcefulness or ability to work well on deadline.

Show Knowledge of the Company
Know your job history. Mentally review your past achievements and be prepared to describe your work experience in detail. Gather letters of reference and samples of your work to present to the interviewer as proof of your past accomplishments. Practice describing your experience in terms of your responsibilities and accomplishments at each job.

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