Our Expertise


With our two divisions, Intelek Talent Solutions and Intelek Staffing Services located in 2 locations nationwide, we offer a total solution to cover the entire spectrum of recruitment.

These two divisions focuses on different areas of recruitment in order to build our expertise through specialization in order to fully understand the needs of our clients. Our main areas of expertise include executive search, permanent staffing, contractual and temporary staffing, and payroll administration. Some of the sectors that we are adept at includes engineering and manufacturing, technology, finance and professional services, human resources, fast moving consumer goods, and procurement.

With our specialist consultants, they are often the go-to person for clients and candidates in their respective sectors. Combining market knowledge with highly personalised training by Intelek, they can often provide expert advice and insights about the sectors they specialise in.


Executive Search

Intelek’s Executive Search division specialises in providing recruitment and headhunting services for highly qualified mid-to-senior level executives across various industries and sectors which usually involves managers to C-level executives.

Our clients range from multinational corporations and government agencies to SMEs. With hard work and perseverance over the past 20 years, we have built a wide network of candidates that enables us to respond quickly to our client’s need without sacrificing quality, ensuring that the candidates that we represent are of the highest calibre while being a right fit for our clients in all aspects.

Permanent Staffing

Intelek’s Permanent Staffing division handles all permanent junior level recruitment, which do not fall under executive search. We work on providing top notch service to our clients in solving their problems in recruitment, allowing them to focus on their core business and doing what they do best.

This is done by using our highly trained consultants to assess the skills and personality of candidates in order to make sure they are the best match for what our clients are looking for.

Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing has been our forte since day one of our operations and we’ve only gotten better over time.

We help assist our clients in matching candidates on both long term and short term contracts, depending on their needs and preferences, with chosen candidates undergoing the same comprehensive selection and recruitment process as a permanent personnel.

With contract staffing, Intelek fully assumes the responsibilities and duties of an employer, and manages the entire process from payroll to administration of the candidate, which allows our client to reduce their permanent head-count, employee cost and solving their staffing problems.

Temporary Staffing

Often times, our clients find themselves facing staff shortage due to a variety of reasons. Intelek is well positioned to resolve this problem within a short time frame with our vast database of candidates thus ensuring you can continue to have your business operating optimally and efficiently.

Payroll Administration / outsourcing

Intelek also offers payroll services tailored specifically to suit our client’s requirements as a final piece of the recruitment puzzle.

With outsourced payroll services, we are able to manage the entire recruitment spectrum, enabling us to be a one stop solution for our clients as we provide all the legislative advice they need to mitigate their work and streamline their business operations